Sunday, March 16, 2008

80th Birthday

Yesterday my family celebrated my Mom's 80th birthday. My sister and daughter Grace took her out to get her nails done, and my wife and other daughters slipped into her house and totally decorated and set up a delicious spread of food.

As we waited for her to come back, I thought of my Da and Mom and all they have meant to me. I really believe that because of their Christian beliefs, I am what I am today, and my family has developed based upon their example and teaching.

My Mom was really surprised when she came home, and we had a grand time. She wants to know what we are going to do for her 90th and 100th birthdays. Since this was a surpride - we won't tell her about them either.

It is a blessing from God for me to have a Mom like I have, and to be able to celebrate these special occasions with her.

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