Saturday, March 22, 2008

Correct Attitude on Self - Part 5


“…we who are many are one body…” (Romans 12:5, HCSB)

Yesterday we celebrated the differences between ourselves. Today, Paul reminds us that these differences when in unity make a well functioning body. As a school, it is vital that we as administrators, teachers, and staff demonstrate unity for all of our young people. If they don’t see it in us, how will they learn to work for God in unity?

Some of the definitions that I found for unity are:
A state of oneness
Singleness of purpose or action
A state of mutual understanding.

As the whole body reacts to a part being “out of joint” (consider a headache, toothache, back or knee pain) so the work of Christ is challenged when we are out of unity with each other. If we have the correct attitude toward God – complete devotion, we will have the correct attitude toward ourselves – humility. Thinking the right way about ourselves and our relationship to others.

Today, look for examples of unity in our school. Don’t spend time looking for the negative – seek out the positive ways that we unite to further the cause of Christ and educate young hearts and minds.

For Kingdom Education,

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