Saturday, March 15, 2008

Correct Attitudes on God - Part 5


We are to be different. We are commanded to not be like our age, to let God change us (to be like Christ), and this is accomplished by “renewing of your mind.” (Romans 12:2, HCSB).

I like to watch the show, Extreme Makeover, Home Edition. It has changed over the years. They started out by just “remodeling” the selected family’s house. Now – they tear it completely down and build a new, better house. It never resembles the old one in any way. The word used here for renew is the same idea. A total transformation, a total change for the better. We know that we are to allow God to do this, we are the recipients of His handiwork. But, what is He working on?

“Your mind.” This is your understanding, your reasoning, your judging, your determining aspect. One author has said that it is “a particular mode of thinking and judging, i.e. thoughts, feelings, purposes, desires.” It is your worldview to use today’s terminology. We become living sacrifices pleasing to God by not being like the age we live in, but allowing God to remake our worldview to be His worldview. When we begin to think like God, we begin to act like a true Christian.

Consider what is there in your thinking that God needs to do an “Extreme Makeover” on.

For Kingdom Education,

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