Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Correct Attitude to Others - Part 1


We have studied Romans 12 so far and discovered the correct attitude toward God – complete devotion, the correct attitude toward ourselves – humility, and now let us muse over the correct attitude toward others –love.

“Love must be without hypocrisy. Detest evil; cling to what is good.” Romans 12: 9 (HCSB)


Poems are written about it. Songs are sung about it. Everyone wants to receive it. God is love. God gives love. God commands that we love one another. Paul starts this final section of Romans 12 with the word the word love. This section dealing with Christian ethics, with the correct attitudes that we should have toward others is boiled down to one word – love. He tarts by reminding us that love should be unfeigned, sincere. Without any hypocrisy.

The word we use sincere – comes from a Latin phrase that means “without wax.” When the potter would fire a pot, sometimes small cracks would develop. The potter would fill these with wax, and the buyer could not tell that they were flawed – until the hot sun or fire would melt the wax, and the pot would be useless. Our love should withstand the heat. We should be without flaw in our love toward others.

Today – see how many ways that you can give “flawless” love to those around you.

For Kingdom Education,

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