Monday, July 7, 2008

Awesome God


We are back from our vacation, and I must say that God spoke in awesome ways through His Creation.

We took three trips up to the "Royal Gorge Overlook" in the mountains of Ridgecrest, NC. Each trip spoke of the majesty of God. The first trip we took the trail. We saw beautiful fungi (my wife has a picture of it) that looked like a yellow flower growing out of the dead tree. We saw Rhododendron bushes in bloom, trees and shrubs - all showing the variety of our God. At the top, we were able to look across at least six mountain ranges in the distance. The beauty was beyond my ability to describe.

The second trip, we walked up the road (that is a story in itself - 1 mile almost straight up). Again, the view at the top made it worth the effort put out to get there. We took our books to sit and read for a while. While reading, my wife looked behind us and discovered that a storm was heading our way. Needless to say, we made a quick trip back down. Even the dark rolling clouds spoke of the majesty of God.

The final trip, we cheated and drove our car up. It was the last thing we did before leaving Ridgecrest. We had to go back one last time to see the awesome display of the majestic creative hand of God.

I thought of the Psalmist words dealing with our Creator. Psalm 66 speaks of God's mighty acts. Verse 3 says, "Say to God, 'How awe-inspiring are Your works!'"

All I can add is "AMEN!"

For Kingdom Education,

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