Friday, August 15, 2008



A few decades ago, after a great deal of prayer, God laid this verse upon my heart as a Lifeverse. It is an exciting sounding verse, and I was thrilled to take this as my verse.

I really didn’t know the depth of what God was saying in this verse at that time. The concept of soaring as an Eagle was holding my attention. Now, decades later, I am beginning to realize exactly what God had in mind. Soaring times are great, they are the “mountain-top” experiences with Him – but they are not the norm in my life. The running times are the trials and tribulations that come at different times and are very challenging. The need to continue through them with weariness is important.

The main times are the walking times. The daily grind, so to speak. The day by day living out life. It is in this daily walk that we really need the strength to not faint. This is often the hardest - walking, walking, walking, walking, ad nausea. This is only possible by trading my feeble strength for God’s. And this comes by trusting Him.

As the old saying goes, “When I can’t see His hand, I can trust His heart.”

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