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Genesis 9: 16 (HCSB) - "The bow will be in the clouds, and I will look at it and remember the everlasting covenant between God and every living creature of all flesh on earth."

In earlier posts, I began to consider some of the Teaching Concepts that were a part of the Teaching With Style seminar that I attended in the '90's. Let us consider some more of what they presented in this seminar.

We as teachers need to see how we can help people enjoy what they are learning. I joke with people who are laughing in the school and reprimand them for "having fun in a school." Yet, we as the teacher should make the class such that students want to learn. God is a great teacher and we can learn a great deal by studying Him.

First, God's style is memorable. He associated events and information around ways for us to remember. When He promised not to flood the whole earth again - He gave us the rainbow. When Jesus was approaching His death, He associated it with concrete items - the bread and the wine. He taught pointing the flowers of the field and the birds of the air. Sights, sounds, emotions, rhymes and repetition are all used in the Scripture.

The more effort you put into making content memorable, the more students will remember.

For Kingdom Education,

From WTB Teaching With Style (c) 1994

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