Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas is over...


The story is told of the man who sat down on Christmas evening and said - "Whew, Christmas is over for another year." To which his young daughter said - "Not over, but just the start for the year."

The peace, joy and love - the concern for others - all of this should not end at midnight on Christmas night until next year, however it should carry on for the whole year.

Let's have the Christmas Spirit (God's Holy Spirit) living in us for the whole time and we will find the world a better place. So, let's join one another in saying - Merry Christmas each and every day. And even better - let us live it.

For Kingdom Education,


Geezer said...

According to the doctrine of the Trinity, the Holy Spirit is an individual and is co-equal, co-eternal and etc. with the Father and the Son. How then can you use the term "God's Holy Spirit?"

Dr. Thomas F. Marshall, ThD, BCPC said...

You are right that is a redundant statement. However, it could be used in the same form as "Tom's temperament" or "God's Will."

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