Friday, December 5, 2008

Mission Minded Children - Part Two


Yesterday, we listed ten distinctives of mission-minded children. Today, lets see the remaining nine that Ann Dunnagun listed.

A mission minded child...
  • ...has a reputation for thoroughly enjoying the Bible sword drills and memory verse contests at church.
  • ...puts extra money in the monthly missions offering and feels extra good inside.
  • ...thinks it could be fun to sleep in a mud hut in Africa!
  • ...reads all the way through the Bible by the age of ten (or eleven or twelve)--and is excited to start again!
  • ...stares at the photos in the new geography textbook or magazine and imagines climbing to the top of that Egyptian pyramid, snorkeling in those tropical-blue waters, and giving a new outfit to that poor boy with the ripped-up shirt.
  • ...befriends the new kid at school.
  • ...thinks beyond the "box" of what's merely expected and hopes to do something big, or something little, for God.
  • ...wants to obey (even when no one is looking).
  • ...loves Jesus! (1)
Let's seek to instill these traits in our children. It's what God wants.

For Kingdom Education,

(1) Ann Dunagan, The Mission Minded Child: Raising a New Generation to Fulfill God's Purpose (Colorado Springs: Authentic Publishing, 2007, pp. 2-4)

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