Thursday, January 8, 2009

Shaping the future....


Job 6:11: "What strength do I have that I should continue to hope? What is my future, that I should be patient?"

Dr. David Jeremiah has shared this story - let me share it with you:

"In 1968 army surgeon, Kenneth Swan, arrived in Vietnam and received his first case: a 19-year-old soldier who had lost his eyesight and both legs to a grenade. Dr. Swan fought for seven grueling hours to put the young soldier back together. To his surprise, the next day Swan was criticized by his colleagues; they felt the soldier would have been better off dead.

For 20 years those words haunted Dr. Swan, and he wondered if he had done the right thing. He got his answer when, after two years of searching, he found the soldier, in his forties, living a full life as a husband and father who had attended college, learned to scuba dive, trained others with debilitating injuries, and had a loving relationship with the Lord."*

When God asks us to do something, we rarely, if ever, know all the details. We can either choose to do God's will and trust Him for the outcome, or back away and miss the blessing simply because we don't know the details. Those students God has placed in our classrooms are there by design - not accident. What are we going to do with them? Remember they will be our next leaders in many fields - and you have a part in shaping the future.

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