Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Blessed by Giving - Material Blessings


Malachi 3: 11 - "I will rebuke the devourer for you, so that it will not ruin the produce of your ground, and your vine in your field will not be barren," says the LORD of Hosts."

God speaking through the prophet gives us a little insight to Kingdom Economics. He says that if we give generously (verse 10) then we will have material blessings. Notice some things here -

(1) The people were expected to give generously first. (2) The people were expected to work for these blessings. (3) The blessing was to make their work fruitful.

This is not a "pray it and claim it" promise. It is based upon our following God's directions, and on our doing our part. God was also warning that the lack of generosity could be seen in the "devourer" taking away what they have. Ever struggle to get ahead only to suddenly have something happen to diminish what you have? Saving money when a pipe bursts and ruins you living room. Getting ahead financially and suddenly major repairs are needed on your house or car. Or, major medical bills.

Sometimes these are the results of just plain living in a sinful world. However, sometimes maybe God has lifted His Hand of protection because we are not obeying and being generous.

Today, ponder what God is calling you to give - your time, your talent, your finances? Then to have the blessings do it.

For Kingdom Education,

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