Friday, May 29, 2009

Get up and Praise Him


1 Chron 29:13b (KJV): "...and praise thy glorious name."

The word for praise in this part of the verse means to boast about. It is in the piel form that usually expresses an "intensive" or "intentional" action. It can also mean a repeated action.

David finishes this section with an encouraging directive for us to repeatedly intentionally boast about God. We should be proud to tell others that we are His. We should not hesitate to share what He has done for us. As a Dad and Granddad, I boast on my children all the time. After all, they are the best in the world. There are numerous jokes about "My Dad is better than your Dad." So why not boast about our Heavenly Father!

We should not be hesitant to boast about God. Today, find someone and boast to them about your Heavenly Father.

For Kingdom Education,

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