Friday, May 22, 2009

The Hand of God


1 Chron 29:12c (KJV): "...and in thine hand is power and might..."

Today is the Graduation ceremonies for the class of 2009 at Montrose Christain School. The Commencement Service for the Senior Class. Many think this is the ending ceremony - but in actuality it is the beginning - the beginning of their lives as adults in the world. They are moving from the world of academia to the world out there.

This verse is a good reminder that it is God who holds everything in the palm of His hand. Our lives, our occupations, our income, our intelligence, our.....

And if we will trust Him, in His hand is the mastery, strength and bravado that we need to face this world.

Today, remind yourself first, then tell someone else that it is OK - it is all in God's Hand. Trust Him.

For Kingdom Education,

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