Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Day 16: God's Gracious Intervention

Matthew 14:30b “Lord, save me!”

   On a stormy night Lee Roy Culley climbed out from under the pool
table a changed man. The storm, lightening and terrible wind had
finally subsided. The turmoil in his heart had also been arrested by
God. Lee Roy had cried out to God in fear and conviction – “Lord,
save me!” and Jesus Christ came into this pool shooting, drunken
welder’s life. Lee Roy was a new creature in Jesus. He and his
precious wife Nancy served Christ faithfully for 30 plus years as lay
leaders and Sunday School teachers. Countless lives are now a part
of the Kingdom because of his witness and life of service to the
Christ who saved him that night under a pool table as he cried out
a simple, yet profound prayer –“Lord save me!”
   Peter’s prayer, “Lord, save me,” may be the shortest prayer in
the Bible. Even so, it also remains an eternal, far-reaching prayer. It
reminds us that any transformed life is always the product of God’s
gracious intervention. God’s gracious intervention is what we are
praying toward as we ask the Lord to send a spiritual awakening to
our land.

Prayer Points
   • Pray for one lost person to experience God’s gracious intervention
through faith in Christ
   • Ask the Lord to have mercy on His church because of our apathy
toward lostness in America


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