Monday, October 8, 2012

Day Eight: Do You Really Care?

Matthew 6:9-10 “Pray…Your Kingdom come. Your will be done on 
earth as it is in heaven.”

   Today, the numbers of churches that are declining and/or maintaining
the status quo regarding church growth are ever increasing. Yet, many
congregations and leaders continue with business as usual. Such was
not the case with Jonathan Edwards.
   Jonathan Edwards is well known for his important role in North
America’s First Great Awakening. Edwards, a Congregationalist pastor/
theologian, is the central figure associated with this awakening that
swept the New England colonies in the early 1700s. As a pastor in
1734, Edwards was concerned with the spiritual decadence present in
his congregation and in the overall community. What was his remedy?
God’s Word and prayer. As Edwards preached and prayed, God visited
the congregation with an awakening. People from nearby towns
were soon worshipping with his congregation. As they experienced
renewal, they carried the revival fires back to their churches. Some
27 towns experienced revival as the result of what God did in
Northampton, Massachusetts. Edwards is an example of someone
who desired to see God’s Kingdom come in people’s lives. Do you?

Prayer Points
   • Pray for spiritual leaders to recognize the great need for spiritual
   • Pray diligently for believers everywhere to awaken to God’s call to
return to Him and pray toward His Kingdom coming and His will
being done on earth as it is in heaven

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