Monday, February 17, 2014

Being Right About Jesus

What's Right with the Church is a book by a mentor of mine - Dr. Elmer Towns. In this book, he looks at things that are right with the church of today, in contrast with the many writers who point out the errors in the church. He has 12 chapters each dealing with an aspect of the church - when it is right about something. we will look briefly at the ideas he puts forth in this book in the following series of blogs.

He starts off in chapter one with the foundational issue - being right on Jesus.  He states, 

"The name "Christianity" derives its name from "Christ" who is the foundation, focus, and content of its existence. There is no Christianity if there is no supernatural Christ who died for the sins of the world and rose again to give His believers new life.  when the church gets right on Jesus Christ, it is the most unique, transforming power in the world and the church that preaches Him becomes a revolutionary institution."*

So many churches today "humanize" Jesus so much, that He is devoid of all His power to redeem and disciple them. Paul speaks of the "kenosis" of Christ in Philippians 2, a vital doctrine for us to understand. Kenosis is a Greek word that means "emptying, or veiling." Many try to explain this as Jesus emptied Himself of all God-qualities. He was only a man as He walked on this earth. But as the Scriptures help us to learn, Jesus just voluntarily set-aside His heavenly glory, so that He could identify with us.  Jesus was 100% man, and 100% God. How?  He was God and capable of doing this.

He, Himself declared that He was God. The "I Am's" in the Book of John are references to the Jehovah (I AM) God of the Old Testament, those listening to Him knew it. They called Him a blasphemer. Jesus never gave us the choice of Him being a good man or teacher.  As C.S.Lewis puts forth, Jesus is either a liar (knew He was not God but claimed it), a lunatic (thought He was God but was wrong), or Lord (He was who He said He was).

Today, as we consider thoughts about Jesus, what do you REALLY believe about Jesus?  Is He a liar, lunatic, or Lord? If He is Lord, do you display this truth in your life? It is eternally vital that we get it right about Jesus. today, pray for a deeper relationship with the Creator God of the Universe - a deeper understanding of Him, and a deeper commitment to live for Him.

*Towns, Elmer L., 2009, What's Right with the Church: a manifesto of hope. Regal:Ventura, CA. pg.14

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