Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Keokee Ministry Trip Update

Here it is Tuesday evening, and we have had a very busy day.  Because we lost so much time yesterday because of the weather, we started out at 7 AM. We found the roads very travel safe and went and picked up more materials for the work on the two showers at Charity Baptist Church in Keokee, VA.

The 12 of us have worked very hard and one of the two bathrooms is almost completed. The water for the showers is installed, and the stall is in place. Tomorrow, we will connect the drain and get the sink re-plumbed. The second bathroom has the water for the shower in, the stall is being setup for the fixtures and then the sink will be placed.

We have had a great time of fellowship while serving with Christ for these people in this "holler." The pastor David has spent most of the days with us and is a very encouraging person.

This evening we have had a delicious BBQ dinner (from Johnny Brooks and the Rockin' Pig) and spent a brief time in part two of the devotional study on Romans 1: 14-16. God has given us so much that we are obligated to minister to others, and we should be as Paul was - "ready" or excited and encouraged to minister for Christ.

Tomorrow will come early again, and it appears so many of us are ready to rest and sleep.  Continue to pray for our trip to Keokee.  We covet your prayers for continued safety in our work and for a safe return on Friday of this week.

On a brief side note - please remember my family in your prayers - my cousin Charles Thorpe (in Michigan) died Monday night.

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