Wednesday, July 23, 2014


"Through the grace of God we have different gifts. If our gift is preaching, let us preach to the limit of our vision. If it is serving others let us concentrate on our service; if it is teaching let us give all we have to our teaching; and if our gift be the stimulating of the faith of others let us set ourselves to it. Let the man who is called to give, give freely; let the man who wields authority think of his responsibility; and let the man who feels sympathy for his fellows act cheerfully." Romans 12: 6-8 (Php).

I read the story of a farmer who was plowing his field one day, and he looked up and saw the letters PC in the clouds. Assuming this meant "Preach Christ," he left the farm and enrolled in seminary. After many struggles and frustration in his studies, he turned and told his advisor about the vision he had. The wise advisor looked at him and said - "Son, did you ever think that the PC might have meant "Plant Corn?"

God has gifted and created us differently to do the work He is calling us to. As Paul said to the Romans, some are called to preach, some to serve others, some to teach, some to encourage others, some to give generously, some to manage, and some to comfort. each gift is important in the body of Christ. Each gift is necessary in the body of Christ.

God has gifted you with special talents, insights, wisdom and passions. He created you to accomplish something special, exactly as he desires. Today, ponder over what has God gifted you with - and are you using it for His honor and glory.

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