Friday, February 27, 2015

Locked Out of the Promised Land

February 27

Daily Bible Reading: Numbers 18 – 20

Verse of the Day: Numbers 20:26 – “…and strip Aaron of his garments, and put them upon Eleazar his son: and Aaron shall be gathered unto his people, and shall die there.”

In our reading today, we see in chapter 20 a very sad scenario. In the first verse, Moses’ sister dies. In the middle of the chapter, Moses loses his temper, disobeys God and is told he will not enter the Promised Land. Finally at the end of the chapter, Aaron (his brother) the High Priest dies.

If we read too fast, we can lose sight of the fact that these Biblical personalities are just like us – and they face many of the same struggles in life as we do. Just because they were chosen by God, used by God, and elevated by God did not prevent them from the struggles and cares of this world. 

Prayer: Sovereign God, when I can’t understand how struggles happen to me, remind me that You are there with me through them all. Amen.

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