Monday, March 23, 2015

Beware of the Gibeonites

March 23

Daily Bible Reading: Joshua 9 – 10

Verse of the Day: Joshua 9:14 – “And the men took of their provision, and asked not counsel at the mouth of Jehovah.”

Beware of the Gibeonites. The fortress of Jericho was a formidable foe but was visible. The battle of Ai was a discouraging setback, but God displayed the cause. But, when they met with the Gibeonites, Israel did not seek God for discernment or information. You see, our lives often are like this. We can through God defeat the fortress and strongholds in our lives. We sin and then through repentance God cleanses us. So Satan sends delusion our way (he is the father of lies after all), and we seem to think we can handle it on our own. And so, without consulting God (through prayer and the Word) we accept the delusion. And then, we have trapped ourselves. Today, pray and seek God to show any delusion and deception that you have allowed in your life – and then clear it out.

Prayer: Father open our eyes and let us see. Amen.

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