Saturday, June 27, 2015

Dogmatically moral

June 27

Daily Bible Reading: Job 10 – 12

Verse of the Day: Job 11:4 – 5 – “For thou sayest, My doctrine is pure, And I am clean in thine eyes. But oh that God would speak, And open his lips against thee,”

Enter friend number three (we will discuss the fourth at a later point in this account). Meet Zophar the Naamaithite. His name translates as “rough” or “chipper.” As we can see from this discussion that he is rude and blunt in his approach. He represents the moralist, one who is very dogmatic in their views. He is the voice of Orthodoxy and bases his conclusions upon assumptions. He sees God as unbending, merciless, and without grace.

His response to Job is simply – “You are sinning.” And warns him that sinners live short lives. Again, we see truths in what each of these men have said, but their conclusions are all based upon faulty logic. As we proceed through this book we will see how this plays out.

Prayer: Father of all Wisdom, help me to not jump to conclusions, but trust You. Amen.

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