Saturday, June 20, 2015

Remember me, O God...

June 20

Daily Bible Reading: Nehemiah 12 – 13

Verse of the Day: Nehemiah 13:31b – “…Remember me, O my God, for good.”

These final words in the Book of Nehemiah would serve well as any believer’s last testimony.

What a fitting climax to this book of history, this treatise on leadership, this reminder of the promises of God. We meet Nehemiah as a captive slave cupbearer. We end with him as the Governor of Jerusalem. And in between, we see God challenge him, strengthen him, embolden him, develop him, use him, and provide for him. Nehemiah, the prayer-leader, the seeker of God, the confessor of sins, the obedient follower of God – and because of this, God used him in a mighty way then – and today as he continues to speak to us.

Prayer: Magnificent God, I pray today that I might live my life as Nehemiah did. May I totally trust You, stay in communication with You, and follow You – so that I too may say, “Remember me, O my God, for good.” Amen.

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