Friday, July 31, 2015


July 31

Daily Bible Reading: Psalms 62 – 64

Verse of the Day: Psalm 62:1 – “My soul, wait thou in silence for God only; For my expectation is from him. He only is my rock and my salvation: He is my high tower; I shall not be moved.”

Where do you find comfort and encouragement when you are tempted to lose faith in God?

David writes a song that urges us to have confidence in the victory of God over our enemies. Psalm 62 is full of wisdom, like in the Proverbs. It calls to us to wait patiently on God. God’s timetable and direction is not the same as ours. We get impatient and lose sight of the hand of God working in our lives.

David calls us to take a time of silent meditation and focus on God. Today, find some time to get alone with God and listen.

Prayer: Heavenly father, speak – Your servant is listening. I will quietly and patiently listen for Your voice in my life today. Amen. 

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