Wednesday, August 5, 2015


August 5

Daily Bible Reading: Psalms 75 – 77

Verse of the Day: Psalm 76:4 – “ Glorious art thou and excellent, From the mountains of prey.”

The Hebrew word or (translated glorious here) is the common word meaning “to give light.” In this present passage, as elsewhere in the Scriptures, the light that it refers to is the light from the glory of God’s Presence – and this light is to be reflected by His People.

Jesus spoke of being the “Light of the World” (John 8:12) and that we should reflect that Light for others (Matthew 5:14). The Scriptures tell us that there will come a day when the Sun and Moon will be replaced completely by the Light of God’s Glory (Isaiah 60:19, 20; Revelation 21:23; 22:5). 

As we consider His Glory today, see it in view of the splendor of the Sun.

Prayer: God of Splendor and Glory, I praise You that You are the true Light of the world. You provide us with the splendor and majesty that only comes from You. Amen.

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