Sunday, August 9, 2015

Revive Me

August 9

Daily Bible Reading: Psalms 85 – 87

Verse of the Day: Psalm 85:6 – “Wilt thou not quicken us again, That thy people may rejoice in thee?”

The word translated in the American Standard Version of the Bible as “quicken” is the Hebrew word châyâh and is translated in other versions as “revive.” The word carries with it the meaning of being restored to life. 

This song is actually a prayer set to music that seeks God to restore favor to the people of Israel. They had sinned and now they were seeking God to restore them following the consequences of their sin. It is sung to encourage the heart to trust fully in God.

As we look inwardly today at our own hearts, what do we see? Are there areas of sin? Have we allowed anything to come between the Savior and us? Seek His forgiveness, and cry out for His revival and restoration.

Prayer: O Father, revive me again into a full fellowship with You. Let nothing remain between us. Amen.

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