Monday, January 25, 2016

Great as a Child

January 25

Daily Bible Reading: Matthew 18:1 – 20

Verse of the Day: Matthew 18:1 – “In that hour came the disciples unto Jesus, saying, Who then is greatest in the kingdom of heaven?”

Greatness. We live in a world that seeks greatness. We are challenged and coerced to seek that mysterious, elusive entity called greatness. Exactly what is greatness? You will find that different cultures define it differently. Even in our country, we have varying degrees of what people call greatness.

Jesus, in this passage defines it in Matthew 18:4. Purity, innocence, humility, and trust like a child. When a father holds out his arms and says “Jump!” A child trusts and does just that.

Are we willing to surrender to Jesus and become like a little child? If not, we will never know or achieve the true measure of greatness in the kingdom of God.

Today, when the Father says “Jump!’ Do it1

Prayer: Heavenly Father, I seek today to be Your child, to live like Your child, to talk like Your child, to trust like Your child. I surrender my will to Yours, and seek to obey. Amen.

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