Friday, January 29, 2016

Rewards to be gained

January 29

Daily Bible Reading: Matthew 20:1 – 16 

Verse of the Day: Matthew 20:16 – “So the last shall be first, and the first last.”

In our reading today we hear Jesus tell a parable about the Kingdom of Heaven. He often uses parables to take visible world to teach about the invisible.

In this parable, the worker’s with the contract (the first one’s selected) are the nation of Israel. They have the covenants and promises. The latter workers are those whom God has brought in – namely the Gentiles.

Jesus wants us to see that all who believe and obey Go will receive the same rewards and promises. The Church did not replace Israel, and the Church will not receive anything that Israel will not receive in the coming Kingdom Age.

Spend some time today meditating upon the glorious and marvelous riches that are promised to those who are God’s children.

Prayer: Gracious King, as Your child I come today in grateful adoration for the promises that You have made for all who believe. Amen.

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