Saturday, March 26, 2016

Withdrawal needed

March 26

Daily Bible Reading: Luke 5:1 – 16

Verse of the Day: Luke 5:15 – 16 – “But so much the more went abroad the report concerning him: and great multitudes came together to hear, and to be healed of their infirmities. But he withdrew himself in the deserts, and prayed.”

Ever feel overwhelmed? Feel like you are being cornered and unable to escape? Everyone is crowding you and needing you? Feeling anxious and it seems more than you can handle?

Sometimes we must do what Jesus did. He is the God-man, and yet there were times that He physically needed space. He understood (after all He made man in the first place) His physical needs (and ours). 

What did He do? He spent some quiet moments with the Father. What makes us believe that we can handle everything ourselves without going to the Father, when even Jesus sought to meet His needs in the Father?

Prayer: Jesus, may I learn from Your example, may I take small moments of quiet to commune with the Father each day. Amen.

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