Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Stumbling blocks

April 19

Daily Bible Reading: Luke 17:1 – 19

Verse of the Day: Luke 17:1 – “And he said unto his disciples, It is impossible but that occasions of stumbling should come; but woe unto him, through whom they come!”

Jesus here in this verse uses a Greek word σκανδαλα that is a noun that means stumbling block. The term was used to speak about the spring of a trap that would trigger its snapping shut. In the New Testament, it generally referred to anything that would hinder someone from doing what is right. He said that it was inevitable that we would face these stumbling blocks, and He condemns those who create them. He goes on in the following verse to say that death by drowning would be preferable to causing a believer to stumble.

Today, let us muse over what stumbling blocks happen, and check ourselves that we are not causing others to stumble in their walk with Christ.

Prayer: Heavenly Father, it is my heart’s desire to help others walk like Christ. If I in any way cause others to stumble in their walk, show me, forgive me, help me not to do this. Amen.

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