Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Can't out quess God

June 29

Daily Bible Reading: Acts 9:1 – 22

Verse of the Day: Acts 9:20 – “And straightway in the synagogues he proclaimed Jesus, that he is the Son of God.”

The church’s greatest human enemy becomes the church’s greatest evangelist.

God has a purpose and a plan, and we can never outguess who or what He will use to accomplish His plan. Throughout the Old Testament we find God using pagan, heathen nations to correct and discipline His people the Jews. In the New Testament we find Him using Saul, one who was bound and determined to destroy the church.

As we go through our day, look for ways that God unexpectedly uses people, places, and possibilities that we may not have considered to accomplish His will. Sometimes, in the most surprising way He will show up.

Prayer: Father, give me eyes to see You at work in my life and those around me. When it seems that things are the darkest, give me the faith to trust You. And help me look continually for the way that you will show up. Amen.

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