Saturday, June 25, 2016

Give me eyes to see

June 25

Daily Bible Reading: Acts 7:20 – 43

Verse of the Day: Acts 7:39 – “…to whom our fathers would not be obedient, but thrust him from them, and turned back in their hearts unto Egypt…”

Continuing in his lesson before the Sanhedrin, Stephen starts with Moses in today’s reading. This is one who the leaders of the Sanhedrin would associate with. He gives them a continuing history lesson to refresh their memory on the background leading up to Jesus.

He tells them that Moses prophesized that Jesus would come (Deut. 18:15), and that even then, the people would not obey God. They desired Egypt (a picture of the world) over top of following God. They went so far as making Aaron construct an idol to worship. God allowed the nation to follow their folly, but He punished them for it.

Stephen is building his case that they have been witnesses of God’s plan, and yet they rejected it.

Prayer, Father, give me eyes to see and follow Your plan and purposes today. Amen.

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