Friday, July 1, 2016

A Change of Heart

July 1

Daily Bible Reading: Acts 10:1 – 23

Verse of the Day: Acts 10:15 – 16 – “And a voice came unto him again the second time, What God hath cleansed, make not thou common. And this was done thrice: and straightway the vessel was received up into heaven.”

God was about to make a major shift in Peter’s thinking. In our reading today, Peter was hungry and while waiting for the meal, he fell into a trance. This trance was repeated three times and each time God challenged Peter with the statement, “What God hath cleansed, make not thou common.”

While Peter at first may have been musing over God’s change of dietary restrictions, he would soon learn that this had a deeper significance. From this point on, the early church (made up of Jews) could not longer look at Gentiles as unclean. God was breaking down Peter’s prejudices. What people group do we have a prejudice about?

Prayer: Heavenly Father, change my heart to see all people as You see them. Amen.

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