Friday, July 8, 2016


July 8

Daily Bible Reading: Acts 15:1 – 21

Verse of the Day: Acts 15:11 – “But we believe that we shall be saved through the grace of the Lord Jesus, in like manner as they.”

Grace (χαριτος), we sing about it and talk about it, yet we often do not find the full dynamic of this word. It is probably the equivalent of the Hebrew word chesed in the Old Testament. In the Old Testament, it means lovingkindness, and is often used by the Psalmists to describe the character of God. In the New Testament, it means that which gives joy or that which is a free gift.

It stands out to us, because it is Paul’s favorite word for God’s free gift of salvation. In today’s reading we see Peter use it in the same way before the Jerusalem Council. These are the last recorded words of Peter in the book of Acts. The emphasis will now shift from Peter to Paul. Yet, we see that it is all about the free gift of God’s salvation, grace.

Prayer: Father, we pause and thank you today for this free gift. Your grace is what has provided our relationship restoration and forgiveness. May we never stop praising You. 

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