Monday, July 4, 2016

Ultimate Victory

July 4

Daily Bible Reading: Acts 12

Verse of the Day: Acts 12:24 – “But the word of God grew and multiplied.”

Today we celebrate Independence Day in America. We have a day of fun, food, fellowship, and fireworks. We celebrate the fact that we are a free people. However, it seems almost daily these freedoms are eroding. Our nation was founded upon the Judeo-Christian ethics presented in the Bible. The Founding Fathers held the Bible in high esteem and quoted from it frequently.

In our reading today, Peter has been set free from prison in a miraculous way. Herod had started a movement to eradicate the leaders and followers of this group. He placed himself up almost as a god to be worshipped. However, Herod died a painful and horrible death, while the church of God grew and multiplied. No matter how it looks today, the ultimate victory will always be God’s. Trust Him.

Prayer: Glorious God of Freedom, we thank You for Your promise of the ultimate victory over sin, Satan, and the world. Amen.

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