Tuesday, August 9, 2016


August 9

Daily Bible Reading: Romans 9

Verse of the Day: Romans 9:13 – “Even as it is written, Jacob I loved, but Esau I hated.”

This is a quote from the Old Testament prophet Malachi (1:2,3). In both places many find it hard to understand. What can help is to realize that Malachi (and in turn, Paul) are using a Hebrew idiom. Idiom comes from a Greek word that means “personal”. Idiom originally meant "speech peculiar or proper to a people or country." These days we use idiom for a specialized vocabulary or an expression that isn't obvious, like kick the bucket, which means "die." If you're studying a foreign language, idioms are the hardest phrases to translate.

The Hebrew idiom here is where the opposite is used but to a lesser degree. It is a form of comparison. God loved Jacob so much that it made His feelings for Esau to look like hatred. God did provide for Esau, but not in line with the promises.

Prayer: Loving Father, I can take Your gracious plan and privilege for granted. Help me to remember that Your Love for me is so great You would sacrifice Your Son for me. 

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