Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Only the Gospel

October 26

Daily Bible Reading: 1 Timothy 6

Verse of the Day: 1 Timothy 6:20 – “O Timothy, guard that which is committed unto thee, turning away from the profane babblings and oppositions of the knowledge which is falsely so called;”

The Greek word παραθηκην translated committed in this verse is used only here and in 2 Timothy 1:12, 14. It is the word used for a deposit, a trust or thing consigned to one's faithful keeping. What Paul was calling upon Timothy to guard was the truths that Paul entrusted to him in this letter. He was to guard against the false knowledge (Gnosticism) that had infiltrated the Ephesian Church. This system of teaching taught that a person received salvation only when they had “knowledge” of deep spiritual mysteries. Paul tells Timothy plainly and directly to stay away from this teaching.

The gospel is plain, “Believe on the Lord Jesus, and thou shalt be saved.” (Acts 16:31)

Prayer: Spirit, keep me focused on the truth, all the truth, and only the truth of the gospel message. Christ and Him alone.

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