Sunday, November 6, 2016

Exhorted to be resist hardness

November 6

Daily Bible Reading: Hebrews 3

Verse of the Day: Hebrews 3:13 – “but exhort one another day by day, so long as it is called To-day; lest any one of you be hardened by the deceitfulness of sin:”

The Greek word παρακαλειτε is translated here as “exhort” also carries the connotation of comfort, appeal, to implore, or to plead. The writer of this letter uses the imperative form of the word and expresses a command to the hearer to perform a certain action by the order and authority of the one commanding.

He is stressing that unbelief leads to a loss of all the superior benefits of our relationship with Christ. He warns that this unbelief comes because of the delusion that sin will create in the believer. The word translated “harden” here means to become obstinate or stubborn. We can develop a stubborn refusal to obey the Word of God.

Prayer: May my heart, mind, and soul continually be soft, may I continually seek to obey Your Word. Remove from my life any sin that will create this hardened heart in me. Father, I want to be Yours forever and ever.

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