Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Colossians chpater 2 intro

As we continue in the study of this letter to the Church at Colossae, we conclude with Paul’s discussion on the Subjective work of Christ in verses 1 – 3. Paul has established that Christ is pre-eminent in Creation, and pre-eminent in His objective work dealing with redemption. The final section of chapter 1 dealt with His subjective work in the Church. We will conclude this study here.

Now in this chapter in verses 5 – 15 we will consider Paul’s thoughts on Christ being the true freedom by being the answer to philosophy and in verses 16 – 23 His being the true freedom in being the answer to Ritual. The answer to philosophy is for the head, and the answer to ritual is for the heart.

Christianity has always teetered on the edge of being a philosophy or a ritual. One step away from being just a mist that constantly swirls around or one step away from being a frozen form. Jesus called Himself the Water of Life (John 4:14). Mist or ice neither one is able to support life. We must be careful not to make Christianity a philosophy or a ritual. Christianity is Christ.

Paul deals with five errors that the early church was facing. In verses 4 – 7, he discusses the issue of enticing words. In verses 8 – 13 he deliberates about philosophy. He continues his discourse in verses 14 – 17 dealing with legality, and in verses 18 – 19 on the topic of mysticism. He concludes this section with the area of asceticism.

Even today, the church is in danger of sliding into one or more of these errors. It is through diligence and decision to remain close to Christ that believers can navigate the river of errors around.

Prayer: Jesus, may I seek to stay close to You at all times. Guide my mind and heart away from making You just a philosophical concept or just a tradition or ritual in my life. May I seek true Christianity, which is You and You alone. You died for me, help me to live for You today. I love You because You loved me. Thank You for Your great love. Amen.

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