Wednesday, April 12, 2017

THe Passion Week - Wednesday

Here we are again, facing the time of year that Christians celebrate the Passion of the Christ. The Gospel accounts give attention to this important event. Of the 89 chapters in the Gospels, only 4 record the first 30 years of His life. Yet, they give almost 1/4 of the chapters to the final week to His resurrection. Obviously, this is vital and important for us. Over the next few days (until Easter Sunday), we are going to walk with the Master. Using the timeline as developed by Dr. Harold Willmington, let us remember and be ministered to also.

Wednesday has generally been referred to as "silent Wednesday." Most Commentaries and Harmonies do not attribute anything to this day of the week. Considering the importance of the week, the closeness of the Crucifixion, knowing that Jesus knew the path He was taking, I am sure that much must have happened on this day as well as the others. For whatever reason, God did not seem to disclose the instruction and preparation for us.

Dr. Willmington takes this day to say that this is the day that Judas secretly betrayed Jesus to the chief priests (Luke 22:3-4; Matt. 26:15-16). He also believes that this is the day that we find the confession of Peter - "You are the Christ, the Son of the Living God (Matt. 16:16)."

In light of this, as I look at my life, which one of these two men do I most resemble? Judas or Peter? Before you answer too quickly, remember that they both wound up betraying Jesus. Judas by a kiss in the garden, and Peter by the fire in the High Priest's courtyard. Each betrayed their Lord. However, we know more of the story - Peter in humble and contrite confession and repentance sought forgiveness, while Judas in an apparent rejection of the grace of God went to his death unforgiven. Now, which am I? I too frequently betray my Lord like Peter - denial by word or deed - and do I come back and seek to be cleansed?

Looking to the Cross -------

Prayer: Jesus, I have so failed You. I love You, yet I can act like I don't know You. Draw me close, give me strength, cleanse my sin, give me a backbone and guts to stand for You - no matter what or who I am confronted. Amen.

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