Monday, May 1, 2017

Holding the High Ground

I read the following devotion from Dennis and Barbara Rainey, and I felt it needed to be shared. We are in a great battle for the family as God describes it today, and as Christians, we need to hold the high ground at all costs.
As for me and my house, we will serve the LORD. Joshua 24:15

During the critical Civil War battle at Gettysburg, a key engagement occurred near the crest of a hill called Little Round Top. A Union regiment under the command of Colonel Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain was charged with defending this strategic position. If the Rebels flanked his unit, the rear of the Union army would be exposed and the battle would probably be lost.

"You are to hold your ground at all costs," Chamberlain was commanded.

Again and again, Rebel soldiers stormed the regiment's location. Again and again, Chamberlain and his men repelled the assault. They answered fire with fire and held the high ground with a tenacious stand of bravery.

Today, our nation has a Little Round Top of our own — the family. And like Colonel Chamberlain's heroic defense in 1863, our modern battle demands unwavering courage from everyone involved. The courage of husbands and wives who will turn from the seductive voices of the culture and make their marriages work. The courage of moms and dads who will reject the poisons of materialism, choosing instead to use biblical principles to shape the conscience and character of the next generation.

We are living in a culture where parents spend fewer than 15 minutes a week in serious discussion with their children. Where about half of marriages eventually end in divorce. Where decades of moral relativism have left many of us pessimistic about whether we can even enjoy family success under our own roof, let alone win the cultural battle at large.

Now is the time to fight for your family. And in the words of Colonel Chamberlain's superiors, I call you to "hold your ground at all costs." Stand firm!

Prayer: Father, help us to see and remember how vital the family is. The very first institution that You created was marriage - or the family. If we as believers do not take a strong stand for the Biblical view of marriage, no one else will. Let us bind our minds, hearts, and bodies together to stand firm for what You teach in Your Word today. Amen.

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