Friday, June 9, 2017

Proverbs for Living - 30

Proverbs 30:2-3 (CSB) - "I am more stupid than any other person, and I lack a human’s ability to understand. I have not gained wisdom, and I have no knowledge of the Holy One."

The Scriptures are full of what I call sometimes the upside down lesson. You know, if you want to live you must die to self, to have abundance you must give away, and many other such concepts. One of the many upside down type of lessons in the Scriptures is in this chapter. It is that brokenness leads us to obedience, which leads to fulfillment.

True brokenness can only come from knowing God (verse4). We must have a personal encounter with God to experience true brokenness. Many of the arrogant skeptics in our world are there because they have never had a personal life-changing encounter with Jesus Christ. Verses 5 and 6 go on to show us that true brokenness comes from knowing God's Word. How many times have you read the entire Bible? All 66 books and 1189 chapters? How much do you read each day? KNowing God's Word will teach you true humility.

True humility comes from truly knowing ourselves (verses 7-14). We can not experience true brokenness until we come to the full knowledge of ourselves. We boast about how good we are, and yet the Scripture warns that pride comes before destruction. Don't ever say I would never do this or that. The chances are that that is the very thing that God will allow to happen so that you will know true brokenness. I can speak from experience.

The final verses (15-33) show us that as we study and know God's wondrous creation we can be truly broken. When we see vast, marvelous, and complex all of Creation is, we see our frailty and weaknesses. We can be truly broken.

Prayer: Thank You for Your Word, Precious Father. Help us to better understand true humility and brokenness. Teach us to humble ourselves before You and mankind. Amen.

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