Monday, June 26, 2017

The Biblical Cycle of of Rest

Mark 6:31 (CSB) - "He said to them, “Come away by yourselves to a remote place and rest for a while.” For many people were coming and going, and they did not even have time to eat."

Have you ever felt like, "I give so much, but what's in it for me?' or "I'm tired and what I'm doing isn't really appreciated?" We may feel like we need to shut down because of being overly pressured, criticized, or constant worry. We become ill or depressed. We find ourselves being tempted with a little something for ourselves. The temptations are everywhere in many ways. This could be warning us of being on the edge of burnout. Jesus understood and as a man lived a life that was designed to be one of renewal and refueling.

In our culture, we work and then relax. We get things done and then play. But, as we study the Bible we see that God's plan is slightly different. The Biblical day begins with the evening rest and then we awaken in a world in which God is already at work. we can then join Him. Jesus lived this rhythm of life. His first priority was intimacy with Abba and so He would take times and seasons of solitude and silence to pray. His second priority was His ministry to others and this was a natural outflow of His time of abiding in Yahweh. Jesus didn't try too hard, He didn't strain, He didn't over-exert Himself in ministry. We see that the Savior of the World didn't try to be the hero - He sought to bring Glory to the Father.

If Jesus lived this life, shouldn't we? We need to assess and order our thoughts, works, and very being in this Divine cycle of rest and work. We shouldn't think we are able to live any better than our Master and Savior did. Spending time of rest with the Father is vital to maintaining our full functioning ability. If Jesus, as a human, needed to live this way - so do we!

I am very involved in a vast multitude of ministries, and as God has made clear to me, there are seasons that we need to step back, sit down, rest, and take the time to listen to Him. So, I am going to take a short Sabbatical from writing this daily blog in order to re-order my life. Please watch for my return in a couple of weeks. There will be a special posting on July 4th to celebrate true freedom. 

I will return to writing more of what God places in my heart by the middle of July. I encourage you to muse about your life and see if you need to spend a day or longer in abiding in God. Take time not to just talk to Him, stop and listen to Him. Be held in the arms of the loving Father who will accomplish all that really needs to be done through you in His power. Pray for me as I rest and listen to Him.

See you in a couple of weeks. God bless.

Prayer: Jesus, You promised that if we come to You that Your Yoke, Your work is light as we realize that it is You doing the work, and I am just assisting You. Grant us Your peace, rest, and power. May we minister not in our strength, time, and power, but in Yours alone. Amen.

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