Monday, June 2, 2008

Win and Lose


In the book The Daily Disciplines of Leadership, Douglas Reeves speaks about perseverance. He reminds us that we do not always get a "Thank-you" right away, and sometimes as teachers they never come back and say thanks (I thought about the 10 lepers in the Gospel account). But, he writes a section that I think sums up this year and your work at MCS.

"We won some and we lost some, but our work made a profound difference in the lives of children. They may not thank us now; in fact, they probably won't. But we know that our work matters, and in time they will know it well. Even some of my colleagues didn't appreciate my work, but popularity is not the standard here; effectiveness and impact on the lives of kids are all that matters. So I didn't win the Demosthenes oratorical competition. I'm not trying to be Demosthenes. I'm not even trying to be Horace Mann. I'm just trying to be the best teacher and leader I can be."

For Kingdom Education,

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