Monday, July 14, 2008

The Faith of a Child


Jesus spoke of us trusting as a child. Child-like trust comes naturally to a child, but to those of us who are grown-up - it is not easy (maybe even impossible).

Last Friday I watched a couple of Teddy Bear Parades go by my office at the school. These were the young children of the child development center walking proudly down the hall displaying their prized possession - a Teddy Bear. They smiled and waved, but they clutched that bear oh so tight. In fact, I would dare say, that most would not let go of that bear for anything.

We are like those children, we clutch our prized possessions closely. We won't let them go for anything. Our possessions make us feel secure and loved. Yet, just as those bears, they are incapable of providing any real security or love. We focus on the inanimate and miss out on the real.

Real trust should be like this - but focused on what really counts. Jesus. Trusting Him, holding on to Him, relying on Him, seeking after Him. And, doing it just as a child and their Teddy Bear. Today, let go of your prized Teddy Bear, and grab hold of Him.

For Kingdom Education,

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