Monday, August 18, 2008

Life Lessons


A Teacher of 4-year-olds told the story of King Midas.

"Legend tells us everything Midas touched turned to gold. It made him very rich but there was a problem. You see, when Midas's lovely daughter came into the room, he reached out and embraced her. She turned to gold and Midas was devastated."

After a pause, she asked, "What does that teach us?"

A boy's hand shot up. "Well, I guess it teaches us boys to keep our hands off the girls."
—Jim Voller, Cullompton, England, "Kids of the Kingdom," Today's Christian

As teachers, we get a laugh at this story, but that is because we have had classroom times just like this. We have our lesson all planned out, we are getting to the point, and then -- the unexpected response.

I believe that God hears this from many of us. He is directing our lives, leading us, showing us what we need to know - and then - and then - and then ---

We say (do, think, etc.) the most unexpected thing. Thankfully, He forgives us of our indiscretions (or, to put it bluntly - our sins). Thankfully, He has the patience to instruct us in the right way.

This coming year, as your students respond with the unexpected - turn those times into teachable moments and lead them to the right response.

For Kingdom Education,

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