Monday, August 11, 2008

Miss Pris


Yesterday our 126 year old cat [in cat years - 18 in human years] died. Many of you are aware she had been slowly going down for the last year or so. We knew it was coming - still it impacts your feelings.

I remember the day I brought her home to my three daughters in a cardboard box. They were so excited to see this little kitten. I remember Joy carrying her around up-side down - the kitten's head nearly dragging the ground. I remember when she first climbed the tree in our backyard and cried like she couldn't get down. The girls wouldn't rest until Dad (afraid of heights mind you) had to climb up and retrieve the kitten. Only to have her go back up. Again, Dad had to rescue her - only to watch her go back. This time he taught his girls that kittens can climb down - when they are ready.

We have many fond memories of our cat. She lived a good life (wish I could just eat, sleep, and get attention). She will be missed (as all of you animal lovers know).

Not a devotion - just a chance to share my heart. May God bless you for listening.

For Kingdom Education,

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