Thursday, November 13, 2008

Dr. Dryasdust


Read John 7: 10 - 36. This covers Jesus at the festival of Tabernacles and the identification of the Messiah. However, I want to look at something else.

In this particularly intense time for Jesus, notice the registration of different uses of His voice. V.16 -:Jesus answered them....," v.21 - "Jesus answered and said....," v.28 - "Then Jesus cried out....," v.33 - "Then Jesus said to them....," and v.37 - "Jesus stood and cried out...."

Five different pitches, volumes, and volumes. Now, look at your class. What do you do with your voice? Is it consistently the same? Is it --------- boring? Do you know that even a quick paced, high intensity of sound can become boring if it is constantly bombarding the students.

Jesus conveyed mood, expressed passion, and gained and held His listeners attention through the use of His voice. With a conscious effort, you too can make a difference in your classroom lessons by the use of your voice. Try it. Try it today. Try it this week. As one writer expressed - "Don't let your voice be marketed as a cure for insomnia."

For Kingdom Education,

from WTB "Teaching with Style" (c) 1994

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