Monday, May 11, 2009

Force and Valor


1 Chron. 29:11b (KJV): "...and the power..."

We have been considering David's great prayer of Thanksgiving in the very last chapter of 1 Chronicles. He is giving a sacrifice of praise to God for His provision for the Temple. In the prayer, David ascribes praise to a number of God's attributes and descriptions.

Here David reminds us of the "power" of God. This word in the Hebrew carries the idea of force, mastery, valor, strength, and bravery. God is the epitome of all these characteristics. Oftne when we are facing challenges in our lives, we feel that we are facing them alone. But, as children of God, He is there with us. And He is "power." I think about my lifeverse in Isaiah 40:31 where it speaks about exchanging my strength for God's. I can face the struggles knowing that it can be in His "power." I can have valor, I can have mastery, I can have strength, and I can have bravery.

Today, ponder the "power" of God. And better yet, let Him exchange your weakness for His strength.

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