Thursday, May 14, 2009



1 Chron 29: 11e (KJV): "...and the majesty..."

A couple of days ago I pondered the glory of God. David is so carried away in his sacrifice of praise to God that he once again refers to God's majesty. This is a differnt word in the original and therefore would carry a different shade of meaning. The earlier one spoke of the glory that comes from the position of the One described. This one speaks of the majesty that comes from the beauty and grandeur of the One being addressed.

Again, I could recite a liturgy of beauty from the cosmos around us to describe the intensity of the feeling expressed. David is reaching a crescendo of praise. As he seeks to give thanks and honor to God, you can almost feel the intensity of his words growing. It is like a musical peice that builds and builds and builds.

As I pondered this passage, I noticed that David uses 5 nouns to descibe God. In scriptural numerology, the number 5 stands for grace. I find myself musing over the majesty of God's great grace that he has provided for me. Without His grace, I am nothing. With it, I am his adopted son. Now, if that doesn't conjure up visions of majesty....

Today, praise God for the grandeur of His great grace.

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