Wednesday, May 20, 2009



1 Chron 29:12a (KJV): "Both riches and honour come of thee...."

Just what most Americans are chasing after. Wealth and prestige. We want to have money and fame. We want...

David in this prayer knows who controls this commodity. God. The reason that they had so much for the building of the Temple was not because of the people, it was from God. He is the One who controls all aspects of this. He knows exactly what we can handle. And He gives us exactly what we can handle.

George Mueller of England knew that God was the provider and trusted Him daily for the provision of his many orphans. Tales are many of them setting to the table for a meal with no food in the house, praying and thanking God for His provision and having someone knock and offer them a days worth of food.

Who do you trust for your provision? Do you trust the One who holds it all, or do you seek to handle it yourself?

Today, pause and give thanks for what you have from the Hand of the Almighty.

For Kingdom Education,

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